Vetinary Consultations

All domestic animals can be treated succesfully for a large range of physical conditions, as well as emotional states.

These days, our furry friends living in cities and suburbs are living in circumstances not according to their genetic coding and natural habitat, and are fed tinned food and chlorinated water. Lack of freedom and excercise along with inappropriate diet have ensured that our pets frequently suffer from degenerative diseases, skin problems and cancer.

Kinesiology using muscle biofeedback testing, allows to assess and redress any imbalance and is a natural, non-invasive and effective tool to promote vital health and longevity in our companions. Natural medicines such as homeopathics and herbs give fast relief from symptoms.

In a consultation, your pet’s general physical and emotional wellbeing will be assessed. Your pets may display emotional disturbances, readily discernable in its body language, such as aggressive or fearful behaviour. Show animals may display “stage fright”. Animals are also susceptable to stress, causing disease, especially if the stress recurs frequently or is prolongued, like feeling lonely or bored. As for humans, the diet is an important part of keeping vital and healthy, and healthy diet suggestions will be given. You will be asked to record the nature, texture and odour of the animals’ urine, faeces and any blood, pus or vomit. The discharges and bodily fluids give a precise insight into the internal changes in the animal arising from a diseased state.

Acupressure and electrical acupunture may be used succesfully for pain, chronic conditions, digestive disturbances, nerve injuries, allergies, respiratory diseases, distemper and feline leukemia, arthritis, lameness, nerve deafness, hip dysplasia and behavioural problems.

Other environmental issues discussed will be the amount of exercise needed (dogs), playtime and activities, grooming, bathing and parasite and flea control.