Pregnancy Management

Pregnancy is a time of joy, anticipation and maybe a little anxiety about the labour and delivery, the new role of the mother and the health of the baby. At this time, the body is producing very high levels of female hormones to maintain pregnancy and there are many changes occuring in the body, which can be cause of symptoms like morning sickness.

If medication is required in pregnancy, homeopathic medicine is one of the safest forms of treatment. As homeopathics are very diluted, there are no molecules or toxic substances that can interfere with the growing baby. The remedies are very effective in cases of morning sickness, and any other unpleasant symtom. Homeopathic medicine is also very effective to start labour if delayed, and during labour to help relieve pain and to gently ease the newborn into the world.

Kinesiology is another treatment that is non-invasive and safe, and can identify imbalances in both mother and the unborn child during gestation, and clear emotional blockages that can prolong labour and delivery.

A few sessions of hypnotherapy from the 6th month of pregnancy may be useful for maximizing an easy and pain free delivery.

If labour is not progressing after a reasonable amount of time, a gentle manipulation at the base of the spine can speed up labour using the Bowen technique which also helps to relax muscles that are sore and tight.

Monthly visits from the time that pregnancy is confirmed is desirable to discuss any concerns and deal with issues such as morning sickness, gestational diabetes, appropriate nutrition for pregnancy and lactation, bladder discomfort, insomnia, low back pain and birthing preparation.

There is a choice of 2 packages, providing you with a benefit of 10% discount:

THE FULL PACKAGE: 8 visits of 1 hour monthly, including kinesiology, massage, nutrition, counselling, hypnotherapy and other treatments as needed. This package includes a kit with remedies to ease labour and any discomfort after delivery. Cost $550. Any other medication required is extra.

THE MINI PACKAGE: 3 visits of 1 hour monthly from the 6th month of pregnancy to prepare for labour. Cost $205. Set of remedies to assist labour and any pain is $20. Any other medication as required is extra.

You may wish to have a personalised package to suit your needs, which can be discussed at the time of your visit or email for more information.