Flower Essences, Gem and Shell Essences

Flower Essences

Flower essences have been in use for centuries by many cultures including the Egyptians, Aboriginals and Europeans. Paracelsus, the mystic and healer of the 15th century first recorded the use of flower essences to treat emotional imbalances.

Dr Bach, a highly respected medical doctor, pathologist and bacteriologist concluded as had other physicians such as Dr Hahneman, the founder of homeopathy, that good health was the result of emotional, spiritual and mental balance, and that when he treated the emotional and psychological factors affecting his patients, their diseases were cured. He claimed that disease was caused by emotional imbalance and that all disease was the physical manifestation of this imbalance.

Over time, he developed remedies that corresponded to twelve states of mind:

  1. Fear
  2. Terror
  3. Mental torture or worry
  4. Indecision
  5. Indifference or boredom
  6. Doubt or discouragement
  7. Over concern
  8. Weakness
  9. Self distrust
  10. Impatience
  11. Over enthousiasm
  12. Pride or aloofness

He initially developed “The Twelve Healers” in 1932 (known as the Bach flowers) and later other remedies that corresponded to the emotional states. He believed that medicines should not cause severe reactions, nor be harmful or unpleasant to take, and that their effect would be gentle and sure to heal the body and mind.

There are numerous types of flower essences: The Australian Bush Flowers,The Western Australian Bush Flowers, The Californian flower essences, The Dessert Alchemy flower essences, Essences of Change, Innate Healing Essences, just to name a few.

Gem Essences

Gemstones of the mineral kingdom have been consistently used in many ancient cultures for healing, as found in records in Egypt and India. Gemstones stimulate healing within the physical body based upon the principles of resonance or harmony and vibration. All things are in a constant state of vibration and in a constant system of harmonics and resonancy, and therefore, gems have a direct vibrational impact on the molecular structure.

Popular gemstones such as diamond, ruby and emerald have wonderful healing properties for the whole system, including the heart, the brain, the nervous system and circulation.

Shell Essences

The mystery and beauty of shells has whispered to us over the ages. We still feel a hint of awe when we hear the sound of the waves magically locked within the curves of a conch or touch the shimmering silvered surface of a pearl shell. Shells were revered during our more primitive lives as receptacles of shamanic power, symbols of currency and status and items of adornment.

Shell essences are a new vibrational healing order. They have been given to the world at this time to help people evolve towards a more loving harmonious life on this planet. The shell essences were made to help us to re-connect to divinity and to heal our lives on all levels.

Shell essences are safe and gentle but allow very profound healing by correcting and rebalancing the ancient energy flows which cause difficulty and dysfunction instead of health and happiness.

Shell essences blend well with all healing modalities and allow very effective healing in areas not easily accessed by herbs or nutritional therapy.