Art Therapy

Through any form of creative expression, whether this is working on paper, canvas, with clay or any other medium, we experience a stillness and inner peace and a calming of emotions.

In particular the art of “doodling” allows expression of the inner mind, and is a useful tool in gaining clarity in patterns in relationships or behaviours. Once insight has been gained, kinesiology and counselling can transform the outdated patterns into more useful ones. Often a pattern or behaviour started in childhood as a useful coping mechnism, but the pattern remains long after its “use by date”. By becoming aware of the issues involved it is easy to adopt a new useful pattern, such as becoming more confident and assertive.

Any art or craft completed by the client may be brought in for therapy: photography, drawings, needlework etc. If no art or craft has been done in the past, some simple doodling exercises will be given to bring to the next session. It is not about creating master pieces (although that will inevitably happen), but expression of the self through the art form.

Another option is to take the intuitive drawing classes taught in the clinic. The student works on a choosen theme which may be a current problem to be resolved, like a health concern or relationship difficulties, and through the different exercises allows expression of the issues involved.

The drawings/art and craft works are then used in a personal consultation using kinesiology to identify the main issues and the various relating stressors and ages when they occurred, and blockages cleared.

Usually between 2 to 4 session are needed depending on the number of issues emerging.